Friday, 2 November 2012

Week 3 Reflection

WHAT: On Monday we did what's on top I shared about how Tarron, Mum, Marcus and me went to Daytona while my sister and bailey went to lollipops land. We also had bike safety with constable Val and we did a obstacle course with ladders and sharp U turns. On Tuesday we went swimming, the people that were allowed were the people that were finished and I had just finished but I didn't bring my togs so me and Keylen got the costumes from wearable arts and put them into the skip bin then when we went back into the swimming pool. I asked Mrs Larsen what are those little bikes in the corner and she said I don't know you can have a turn and I said thanks. On Wednesday we went to badminton when we first got there we did our stretches. Then we had a warm up game where we did paper scissors rock and if you lost you had to run away from the person that won. On Thursday we had swimming again but I forgot my togs. Our Habit of Mind is Taking Responsible Risks. My last weeks goal I did not complete because I didn't get my work done on time.

SO WHAT: I learnt that its very hard to control a little kiddie cart from the juniors, you have to use the handle bars to move it.

NOW WHAT: My goal this week is to get king on the wall of fame. Next week I want to do a game of tackle for fun time.


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