Thursday, 13 December 2012

My Poem

My family is like a Wild Zoo
My little sister is an ape.
She climbs up a green stalks with no fear.
My mum is a koala.
She has long finger nails to help fight and protect us from other nasty things.
My step dad is a big gorilla.
He bowls through anything that gets in his way when he goes for his food.
My step sister is a chimp.
She gets in her tyre and swings back and forth, not letting anyone on.
My family is like a Wild Zoo
Making people laugh at the funny tricks that they can do.

Monday, 10 December 2012

Contract Commonality

What a dog and a CO2 car have in common?
They can both make loud noises.
They can both be the same colour.
They are both really fast.
They both can pull things.
They both can roll.

CO2 Cars

On Monday Room 15 started there CO2 Cars. We started designing them in our books and then drew the design on the car. The next step we did was starting to carve our CO2 car to the same shape we wanted it to be.  We had to be careful we didn't cut into our canister space otherwise we wouldn't be able to race it. There were  tools too, there was a chisel and sanding paper. I like Tarron's his car is black with a stripe down the middle and his other car from last year is yellow with a black stripe.  

Friday, 7 December 2012

Week 8 Reflection

WHAT: On Monday we started to carve our CO2 car  On Tuesday we had social dancing after fitness, Mr and Mrs Stuart taught us two new dances. On Wednesday we had some circus people come to our school and show us some of the moves they can do, to try and convince us to go to the circus. On Thursday we had a Year Six practice for our leavers assembly, our song is Hall of Fame. We also had social dancing on Thursday as well it was funny, I liked it when we did the Makarina . On Friday we did another Year Six practice for our leavers assembly.

SO WHAT: This week I learnt how to do the Waltz in social dancing it isn't that easy. I also learnt how the circus performers practice for two years before they start to perform in the real circus.

NOW WHAT: My goal next week is to get my work done on time so I can do fun time and go swimming.  Next Week I want to play tackle bull rush. 

Friday, 16 November 2012

Week 5 Reflection

WHAT: On Tuesday the whole senior school had athletics, we did lots of activities like high jump and long jump. I came second in sprints and second in long distance and 5th in all the other events like shot put high jump, long jump and vortex. On Wednesday Room 15 went to badminton Me and Elazaey went to room 2 because we didn't bring any money. On Thursday we did Kapa Haka and we learnt a wiata for our leavers assembly. On Friday we did a writing sample about badminton. Our Habits of mind this week is finding humour.

SO WHAT: This week I learnt that vortex are quite hard to throw because they are light and when you throw them they don't go that far.

NOW WHAT: My goal next week is to get my work done on time and hand it in. Next week I want to do a BP Challenge.

My Logo Culvert

For the last few weeks we have been working on our contract. I chose a logo for my CO2 car. This is mine.

School Athletics

On Tuesday Carlton school did athletics. We did a lot of activities like high jump, long jump, long distance, sprints and more. It went all the way till lunch. The first activity we did was shot put. The second activity we did was sprints. Next we moved onto long distance. Then we did high jump which was quite hard. After we did vortex Cole threw it the longest. Lastly we did long jump and I lost. 

Friday, 2 November 2012

Week 3 Reflection

WHAT: On Monday we did what's on top I shared about how Tarron, Mum, Marcus and me went to Daytona while my sister and bailey went to lollipops land. We also had bike safety with constable Val and we did a obstacle course with ladders and sharp U turns. On Tuesday we went swimming, the people that were allowed were the people that were finished and I had just finished but I didn't bring my togs so me and Keylen got the costumes from wearable arts and put them into the skip bin then when we went back into the swimming pool. I asked Mrs Larsen what are those little bikes in the corner and she said I don't know you can have a turn and I said thanks. On Wednesday we went to badminton when we first got there we did our stretches. Then we had a warm up game where we did paper scissors rock and if you lost you had to run away from the person that won. On Thursday we had swimming again but I forgot my togs. Our Habit of Mind is Taking Responsible Risks. My last weeks goal I did not complete because I didn't get my work done on time.

SO WHAT: I learnt that its very hard to control a little kiddie cart from the juniors, you have to use the handle bars to move it.

NOW WHAT: My goal this week is to get king on the wall of fame. Next week I want to do a game of tackle for fun time.


Thursday, 1 November 2012

Fantastic Four

Our Habit of Mind is Taking Responsible Risks. We got to choose any book that we read and say if there is a responsible or irresponsible character. I have chosen Michael Chiklis from the Fantastic Four book. Michael Chiklis is a irresponsible person because he punches through walls and punches people.

Monday, 29 October 2012

CO2 Cars

On Tuesday last week Room 15 has been designing CO2 cars. First we drew it on a piece of paper and draw your own design and your name. My cars name is Demon. The colours are blue and green with a Demon logo on the side with lightning on the top and the bottom of the Demon. It looks awesome. Instead of just Room 15 racing each other we wrote a letter to Room 5 and 6 to see if they want to have a CO2 car race off and they accepted it. Room 15 has way more experience at shaping and racing the CO2 cars it will be a real challenge for those two classes.

Friday, 26 October 2012

Week 2 Reflection

WHAT: On Tuesday we did quad blogging on the Australian blog. On Wednesday we went to badminton. When we got there we did some stretches and then played a warm up game. On Thursday we went out for our Rippa sessions. When we got there we played a game of Rippa. It was awesome. It was the blue team vs the black team and the blue team won. On Friday we did our calendar art. 

SO WHAT: This week I learnt to pass the ball to the people that don't get the ball that much in Rippa rugby so they get involved and don't put there hands in there pockets. 

NOW WHAT: My goal this week is to get my work done on time and hand it in. Next week I want to play a game of tackle for free time.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Rippa Rugby

Everyday in the afternoon some of the senior classes have Rippa Sessions, we all have a day we go out. We go out on Thursday. We go out for Rippa sessions with two of the Wanganui rugby union people, there names are Jordan and Junior, Junior is from the Wanganui rugby team. We go out for 45 minutes. We do really amazing activities. One of the activities was finding space. It's where you have to find space. When they blow their whistles we stop. The person with the most space gets to choose what the want to build there. The other game was where there is an attacking and a defending team. We all got a number. I was number 8. the attacking team has the ball and the defending team has to try rip there rip off them and then we change over. I got past the defending team.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

My Wordle

On Monday Mrs Larsen gave us a contract. There are a lot of activities. I did a Wordle. We had to make one suing words to explain how you would feel if you won the CO2 car race. This is mine.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Week 1 Reflection

WHAT: On Monday it was the first day of the term. We did Geometry shape pictures were you made any shape picture you wanted, I did a penguin. On Wednesday we did art we got a big bit of paper and 3 crayons I got dark blue, light green and light blue then we blended them together,next we got a piece of newspaper and ripped it to make it look like seaweed, once we glued the seaweed on we then went and dyed it. I chose green. On Thursday we designed a CO2 car I designed a really awesome one it is blue, green and black. We also went outside with the class and played with the Rippa Rugby men, we did lots of amazing activities. Our Habits of mind is Taking responsible risks. On Friday we finished off our CO2 car and also did some of our contract.

SO WHAT: This week I learnt that you can use a sponge any way. 
I learnt that you look with your eyes wide open and look for space when playing Rippa Rugby
NOW WHAT: My goal this week is to get my work done on time this week I want to do a BP Challenge. 

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

My Holiday

WOW! I couldn't believe my eyes there was an amazing waterfall, it was just out of Hawkes Bay. When we first got to the waterfall it took a while for me to jump off the cliff but Tarron did it three times before me. We were about to go when I said wait, I will do it. So I got the swing and then got ready to jump. 3, 2, 1, GO! I jumped   off the cliff and when I hit the water I went into shock. When I got to the shore I was breathing so fast I couldn't stop because I worked myself up so much. 


This week we have been learning about geometry, it's 2d shapes and 3d shapes. We have been learning about it for the last 2 days. We went onto word and did any shape picture we wanted, this is my penguin. 

Friday, 21 September 2012

Week 10 Reflection

WHAT: On Monday the year sixes went to Wanganui Intermediate for the morning. When we got there we got split into 5 groups then got put into 4 groups. After we went to the rotations my group went to hard materials we made spinning tops. Then we went and had play lunch. After play we went to our last rotation we went to science. We learnt that when you put you hand threw the flame it doesn't  heart our burn. On Tuesday we went to Parlmerston we went to this play at the Regent. We watched Magnolia Street. Next we went and had lunch at the Esplanade then we went to the Lido. On Wednesday we did our normal rotations. On Thursday we had another normal day like reading and things. On Friday we went on Spellodrome it is a new web site were you can live play games.  Our habits of mind is gathering data trough all senses. 

SO WHAT: I learnt that when you put your hand through fire it doesn't hurt.   

NOW WHAT: My goal this week is to keep getting my work handed in and marked.  

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Chinese Students

A couple of weeks ago Chinese students came to our class. First we learnt how to write our name in Chinese and how to write their name. Secondly we showed them our Olympic person poster, then we showed them our blog and played games on the computer. They found the games difficult. Then we went outside together to eat lunch and then we played soccer and basketball. When lunch time was over we went into the hall and did Jump Jam. They were laughing. I think they enjoyed themselves. Mrs Larsen showed us a new website called Movie Maker. It is where you can put videos and photos, you can also write captions. This is mine.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Close Reading

Irregular Past Tense Verbs Cloze

Fill in the blanks below with one of the 15 irregular past tense verbs in the box.
(1) He did his homework before he went to school.
(2) It was cold so we drank some hot chocolate.
(3) I made a sandcastle when I went to the beach.
(4) It was a hot day so she swam in the lake yesterday.
(5) His car had a flat tire so he took the bus to work.
(6) I rode a horse last summer when I went to my uncle's farm.
(7) I was late for class so I ran to school.
(8) I ate two hamburgers so I am full.
(9) I read a good book before I went to bed.
(10) She saw a lion when she went to the zoo.
(11) A letter came in the mail today.
(12) They went hiking yesterday.
(13) I gave my brother a game for his birthday.
(14) She got a good report card so her mom was happy.
(15) I met my friends when we went to the park.
© 2009 Lanternfish ESL at

Friday, 7 September 2012

Week 8 Reflection

WHAT: On Monday we had a Haka Powhiri to welcome Andrew Little to our school. On Tuesday we had a nutritionist come to our class and talk to us about healthy food and what isn't healthy. On Wednesday we were meant to do cross country but it was cancelled. On Thursday we had Ms O'Connor in our class we did an experiment its where you tip milk into a bowl and then get food colouring and dish washing liquid. On Friday we went to the supermarket for label reading we got a piece of paper with these columns on the paper. Our habits of mind is Gathering data through all senses. 

SO WHAT: This week I learnt how to label read so when I go to the supermarket I will now what food is the healthiest. 

NOW WHAT: My goal this week is to get my work done on time.


Wednesday, 5 September 2012

A to Z - About the Olympic

                                   A.  Athletics                                                  P. Participators  
                                   B. Bmxing                                                     Q. Queen
                                   C. Cycling                                                     R. Running
                                   D. Diving                                                       S. Summer Olympics
                                   E. Ecuador                                                    T.Taekwondo  
                                   F. Football                                                    U. Underwater Diving
                                   G.Gymnastics                                              V . Vietnam
                                   H. Haiti                                                         W. Wrestling
                                    I. Italy                                                            X.  X Olympiad
                                   J. Japan                                                        Y. Yemen 
                                   K.Kenya                                                        Z. Zambia
                                   M. Malaysia
                                   N. New Zealand
                                   O. Olympics 

Spelling Rules

Beginning Blends 
Add the blends to the endings to make words. Choose 3 words and put them into sentences. 

SN      SP      SM       ST      SC      SK      SW      TW
Sniff   Spit    Smack  Stab    Scar   Skin    Swag    Twit 
Snout Spot    Smell    Stall   Scan   Skiff   Swing    Twill 
Snip   Spoke  Smoke  Star   Scat    Skip    Swap     Twin 

I Sniff my socks to see if it has Spit on them.
A pig has a Snout to Sniff and Smell.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Word of the week

Addition is a noun 
Addition means to add 
Synonyms for addition are extension,attachment,increasing and inclusion. 
Antonyms for addition are decrease,withdrawal,shrinkage and subtraction. 
Sentence I use addition in maths. 
Sentence In rugby I am increasing in my grade. 

Friday, 31 August 2012

Week 7 Reflection

WHAT: On Monday Ms O'Connor came into our class and talked to us about the logo for our school. On Tuesday the class went to the gym for the last session but I didn't go because I didn't pay. On Wednesday we did reading,writing and maths and fitness I came third place in running. On Thursday we did reading,writing and maths. On Friday we had pyjama day at school and it is also daffodil day we raised heaps and heaps of money, we nearly raised a hole sandwich bag of money. Our habits of mind this week is still gathering data through all senses.

SO WHAT: This week I learnt what the hands are for our logo at Carlton school. 

NOW WHAT: My goal this week is to get my work done on time and hand it in.

Thursday, 30 August 2012


The river sprints underneath the bridge as the cars stroll over the bridge. 
The swings running back and forth as the eggs in the pumpkin are dying in the pan. 
The dinosaur sun bathing as the kids slide down.
The lions sleeping as the kids sit on them and get photos. 
That is Kowhai Park. 

Free Writing

W.A.L.T Attempt paragraphs 

P} Once upon a time there was two little boys one called Brandin and the other called Jake we were walking along to go to our friend Tarrons house and we saw some one spying on us so we sprinted like cheaters to the door KNOCK KNOCK on the door hi Tarron some one is spying on us so we went in side and got changed into our spying gear DON DON DON. 

P} The same day. We went out side with our binoculars and our green spying gear and a como hat we are ready so we went out there they are move move we said lets go on my roof he yelled go go go.

Word of the week


Alteration is a noun 
Alteration means Change 
Synonyms for Alteration are accommodation,exchange,difference,adjustment 
Antonyms for Alteration are worsening 
Sentence There was a Alteration around the house. 
Sentence There was a adjustment on my bike. 

Friday, 24 August 2012

Week 6 Reflection

WHAT: On Monday we did our same rotations like reading,writing and maths. On Tuesday we did art. We started a new art. Then drew a picture of a fish. On Wednesday we had Chinese students come to our class. On Friday we went to the Gym and Miss Larsen got tackled into the foam pit by Casey and I can tell you she can still scream really loud. For Our habits of mind is Gather data through all senses the senses are Smell,Touch,See,Hear and do.

SO WHAT: This week I learnt how to write My name in Chinese it is really difficult and hard. 

NOW WHAT: My goal this week is to keep getting my work completed and hand it in.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Free Writing

Once upon a time there were two beavers they were cutting down trees to make there home they were named Brandin and Jake Brandin had brown fur and blonde hair and Jake had Brown Justin Bieber hair and blonde fur. When they were walking back they saw more beavers and they invited them to Brandin and Jake's dam they said WOW that is an amazing dam they said. 

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Word of the week


Worthless is a Adjective. 
Worthless means something with no value. 
Synonyms for worthless are cheap,useless,bogus and pointless.
Antonyms for worthless are Valuable and Worthwhile. 
Sentence My picture is worthless.
Sentence There was a cheap car in the car store.

Spelling Rules


Add the blends in the circles to the letters in the box to make words. The letters in the box and the blends will not always make new words when they go together. Choose 3 words and put them into sentences. 

BR    CR    DR    FR    GR    PR    TR

                     Brawl   Crab   Drill  Fray  Grill  Pray  Train
                     Bred     Crew  Drain  Frill  Grave  Prick  Trip
                     Brew    Crush  Drop  Fred  Grip  Prop  Tram
                     Brave    Crow  Drip  Frock  Grow  Pram  Tray 

The Brave crab ran in front of the speeding Train

Monday, 20 August 2012

Close Reading

Beaver Cloze

Fill in the blanks with the words above the paragraph.


A beaver is an animal that has large front __teeth___________________ and a large _____tail_______________ on its back.  Beavers live in ____ponds__________________ that they make by building a ______dam________________ on a small river or ______stream________________.

Beavers the Builders

Beavers can cut down ___________trees__________ with their powerful teeth. They use the _____sticks________________ and ______twigs_______________ from the trees to build their dams.  They also use ______________twigs_______ from the ground to hold everything together and fill in the holes.

Beavers Lodges

Beavers ____________build_________ their homes in the middle of their ponds. Their homes are called ____________lodges_________. The entrance to the lodge is ________underwater_____________. This helps protect the beavers from ______predators_______________. When a beaver sees a dangerous predator like a wolf the beaver ____slaps_________________ its tail on the water and hides in the lodge.

The Fur Trade

In the past, people called _______trappers______________ hunted beavers for their valuable ______fur_______________. Beaver fur is very _____warm________________ so their fur was used to make ____________hats_________.

Friday, 17 August 2012

Week 5 Reflection

WHAT: On Monday we did fitness spelling,reading, handwriting,writing and maths then the people who finished there work got to go out and play a P.E game. On Tuesday we did fitness the same rotations then we did Maori when we got given a cross word then we wrote the Maori days down in the cross word. On Thursday we had buddy I.T we went on this program called and its just like making a Avatar but you can put elephant legs and thing like that. Our Habit of mind has been Gather dater through all senses. 

SO WHAT: This week I learnt that you could go on a web site called 

NOW WHAT My goal this week is to always get my work done on a time.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Free Writing

Once upon a time there lived two people BROCCOLI BOY AND POTATO BOY they lived in a village with potato people and broccoli people. One day they were out side and they saw humans NOOO  they said there are humans out side watch out there heading straight to wards us lets go now move move move and off they went running back to there house. The humans were still chasing them then they ran under a little hole.  

Friday, 10 August 2012

Week 4 Reflection

WHAT: On Monday we did our rotations, we did writing and maths and glued our basic facts and spelling city sheets into our assessment book. On Tuesday we had a guest speaker he used to be in the army, his name is Mrs O'Connor. He showed us some videos of how they drive along and what they do if a road side bomb goes off and he talked to us about what he does. On Wednesday Mr O'Connor came back into our class  and showed us some more videos and took us outside and did some drills with us. On Thursday we had a person from the bank come into our class. His name was Evan and he talked to us he said if you have bank you get paid interest. Our habit of mind is Gather data through all senses. 

SO WHAT: This week I have learnt what people do in the army and some drills they do. 

NOW WHAT: My goal this week is get my work completed on time and hand it in. This week I want to do a BP Challenge.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The Olympic Rings

The Olympic Rings
The five Olympic Rings represent the five continents involved in   the Olympics and were designed in 1912. The colors are Blue Black, RedYellow and Green.

Friday, 3 August 2012

Week 3 Reflection

WHAT: On Monday we did fitness we ran around the block then as soon as we got in the gate we ran into the hall to do jump jam. On Tuesday we did our normal rotations and we did Maori we  copied the days of the week it was cool. On Wednesday we did buddy art we to got them to sponge the background. Today in the hall we watched a video of the Olympics, it was rowing the double men scull race and the New Zealanders won. Our habits of mind is Thinking and communicating with clarity and precision.  

SO WHAT: This week I learnt that the NZ men came first in the Double men scull race and got a gold medal. I felt excited watching it.

NOW WHAT: My goal this week is to get my work done on time so it can get marked.

Friday, 27 July 2012

Week 2 Reflection

WHAT: On Monday we did a Habit of mind activity, it was to make a barrier and make sculpture, then tell your partner how to make it. On Tuesday we did all of our rotations. On Wednesday we went to the Wanganui Boys and Girls Gym Club. 

SO WHAT: On Friday I learnt that there was a programme called Khan Academy, its were you can do maths. 

NOW WHAT: My goals are to work as a group and get better at the Habits of mind activity we did.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012


We have been learning to use commas in our sentences I have written a story and highlighted the sentences with the commas in them. 
In the holidays Nanny, Grandad, Letesha, Annalise and I went to Rainbow Springs in Rotorua. When we first got there we had a look inside then we saw how much it was. It was expensive, then Nanny said we will have lunch first. We said "no". So we went to the counter and Grandad paid for it. Firstly we got a photo taken, then we went and had a look around. We saw Birds, Fish, Kiwis, EllsTuataras and talking birds. When we went and had a look around the other side there were heaps more animals. After we seen heaps of animals ride called The Big Splash it was amazing. Its were you go around in a Automatic boat and you see MiceDinosaursEagles and Rabbits then you go down a big step hill. 

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Free Writing

W.A.L.T Attempt Paragraphs
P} In the Holidays I went to Roturua When we got there we went
 to this Motel called Havana Motel and my Nanny paid for it and there was a hot pool and the tempter was 38degrees. P} After my nanny paid for we went up stares to our room we opened the door and went inside the size of the T.V was a 38inc and 4 beds it was nice. Later on that day we went to the supermarket and got some food then we came back to the Motel and helped unpack the car after we asked if we could go for a swim and Nanny said yes so we went for a swim then we came back inside and had dinner then it was time for bed.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Assembly Item

On Friday we did an Assembly item called Once upon a hundred years nap. I was the Policeman for the assembly item. It was easy. I just had to say one line. I think that the play was good and I was really nervous at first but then I wasn't. I think that Isaiah did well because he had heaps of lines to say in the play, Jake and Kahu too.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Brandin's Maths Glog

In maths we have been learning to use place value to solve math questions. This is mine.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Writing Activity

We have been learning how to plan the correct way and make our main ideas make sense. Mrs Larsen showed us a new web site called Bubbl Us it is were you can do a plan but it's on the computer.


Today Room 15 and Room 6 went to the Museum. I learnt that the blue star is hotter than the red star. We went into the cosmodome. We learnt about Puanga and saw some of the stars. Awhina showed us what Maori people do to celebrate June the 22nd. They share food and they hunt eels, they keep them in a pot in the water. They used to have stone bay blades to play with.

Monday, 28 May 2012

Free Writing

W.A.L.T Attempt Paragraphs 28/5/12
P-> On Saturday I played a game of rugby we faced Marist It was hard because they had big players in there team they had Keylan and Anthony. I got elbowed on my head it heart I felt dizzy. 
P-> After the first half we played the second half we were winning I played as full back and flanker Keylan got knocked out for 5seconds then he got up and went on the sideline then we got a try we won 31/0. 

Friday, 25 May 2012

Striving for Accuracy

Yesterday we started a new habit in class called Striving for Accuracy. We drew a picture of the time when we made a mistake,  I used to look at peoples work for the answers now I don't. Now I Strive for Accuracy and get it done by myself. 

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Week 4 Reflection

WHAT: On Wednesday we had a famous rugby player come to our School. His name is Frank Bunce, he talked to us about the Westpac Helicopter Trust and about some rugby. We have been thinking about thinking. It is where you talk to yourself in your head. When you do something wrong then you change it. We also had some really good cup staking people come to our school. 

SO WHAT: I learnt this week how to get the size of the body of an animal right. 

Now What: My goal is I want to always be ready for learning and I want to do I.T.

Friday, 18 May 2012

Frank Bunce

Frank Bunce 
Today we had a famous Rugby player called Frank Bunce come to our school. He is in a Westpac Helicopter trust team, he talked to us about the Westpac Helicopter and a bit about when he used to play rugby. The Rippa Rugby players stayed and did some passes with him and got a photo with him. Then Room 15 got a photo and his autograph. It was really fun.

Friday, 11 May 2012

Week 3 Reflection

WHAT: On Monday we went to Rutherford for P.E and Music and we learnt 2 new games. They were really really fun. Today we did our toilet roll people. I am doing Tarzan and it is easy. Today if we got our work done we got to do cup stacking.

SO WHAT: I learnt 2 new games at Rutherford and how to play the drums.

NOW WHAT: My goal this week is to get my work done on time.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Week 2 Reflection

WHAT: On Monday we went to Rutherford and did P.E and Music. For P.E we did Monster Ball and this game called GermanWarfare and for Music we went on the guitars and we went on the keyboards. On Tuesday we had Mrs Conniglan as our teacher and we coloured in some spacemen to hang up in the cloak bay.

SO WHAT: This week I learnt how to play 2 new games at Rutherford.

NOW WHAT: My goal this week is to get my work finished on time.