Thursday, 25 October 2012

Rippa Rugby

Everyday in the afternoon some of the senior classes have Rippa Sessions, we all have a day we go out. We go out on Thursday. We go out for Rippa sessions with two of the Wanganui rugby union people, there names are Jordan and Junior, Junior is from the Wanganui rugby team. We go out for 45 minutes. We do really amazing activities. One of the activities was finding space. It's where you have to find space. When they blow their whistles we stop. The person with the most space gets to choose what the want to build there. The other game was where there is an attacking and a defending team. We all got a number. I was number 8. the attacking team has the ball and the defending team has to try rip there rip off them and then we change over. I got past the defending team.

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