Friday, 19 October 2012

Week 1 Reflection

WHAT: On Monday it was the first day of the term. We did Geometry shape pictures were you made any shape picture you wanted, I did a penguin. On Wednesday we did art we got a big bit of paper and 3 crayons I got dark blue, light green and light blue then we blended them together,next we got a piece of newspaper and ripped it to make it look like seaweed, once we glued the seaweed on we then went and dyed it. I chose green. On Thursday we designed a CO2 car I designed a really awesome one it is blue, green and black. We also went outside with the class and played with the Rippa Rugby men, we did lots of amazing activities. Our Habits of mind is Taking responsible risks. On Friday we finished off our CO2 car and also did some of our contract.

SO WHAT: This week I learnt that you can use a sponge any way. 
I learnt that you look with your eyes wide open and look for space when playing Rippa Rugby
NOW WHAT: My goal this week is to get my work done on time this week I want to do a BP Challenge. 

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