Free Writing 
W.A.L.T Attempt Paragraphs

P} On the 15th of October 1977 there lived a boy called Brandin who lived with his Mum and his sister They were walking to there house and something attacked them it was a wolf AHHHHHHHHHHHHH they said run away.

P} The next day they had scratches all over there back so they went to there mums friends house to get stitched up OUCH that hurts. When they all got stitched up they walked home this time they didn't get attacked when they got home they sat down on the couch they watched movies. 

Word of the week
False is a adjective
False means wrong, made up   
Synonyms for false are mistaken,unfounded,specious and misleading. 
Antonyms for false are accurate,actual,genuine and correct.

Sentence Some one said that they brought me a bed but it wasn't true it was false.

Sentence I was mistaken about a bike that I thought was mine but it wasn't. 

Triple Blends 
Make 3 words for each triple blend. Choose 3 words and put them into sentences. 

SPL      SCR          SPR      SQU      STR 
Splat     Scream     Sprite    Squad    Straw
Split      Scratch     Spring   Squash  Struck
Spit       Scrabble   Spread  Squish   Strap 

I Spread the butter all over my toast. 
I get the Strap when I don't behave.
I get a drink of Sprite when I be good. 

Irregular Past Tense Verbs Cloze

Fill in the blanks below with one of the 15 irregular past tense verbs in the box.
(1) Last year, we grew carrots and tomatoes in our garden.
(2) She threw the ball to her friend.
(3) The wind blew the signs down.
(4) He sang a song for the class.
(5) She bought some milk at the store.
(6) I was tired so I slept all morning.
(7) He caught a fish at the lake.
(8) We drew pictures in art class.
(9) I said the answer so I put up my hand.
(10) He sent an email to his classmates.
(11) I sat on the floor because there were no chairs.
(12) My mom brought a pie to the picnic.
(13) She heard a noise outside.
(14) He knew, "I will help you."
(15) It was a warm day so the snow began to melt.
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