Friday, 7 December 2012

Week 8 Reflection

WHAT: On Monday we started to carve our CO2 car  On Tuesday we had social dancing after fitness, Mr and Mrs Stuart taught us two new dances. On Wednesday we had some circus people come to our school and show us some of the moves they can do, to try and convince us to go to the circus. On Thursday we had a Year Six practice for our leavers assembly, our song is Hall of Fame. We also had social dancing on Thursday as well it was funny, I liked it when we did the Makarina . On Friday we did another Year Six practice for our leavers assembly.

SO WHAT: This week I learnt how to do the Waltz in social dancing it isn't that easy. I also learnt how the circus performers practice for two years before they start to perform in the real circus.

NOW WHAT: My goal next week is to get my work done on time so I can do fun time and go swimming.  Next Week I want to play tackle bull rush. 

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