Monday, 10 September 2012

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Irregular Past Tense Verbs Cloze

Fill in the blanks below with one of the 15 irregular past tense verbs in the box.
(1) He did his homework before he went to school.
(2) It was cold so we drank some hot chocolate.
(3) I made a sandcastle when I went to the beach.
(4) It was a hot day so she swam in the lake yesterday.
(5) His car had a flat tire so he took the bus to work.
(6) I rode a horse last summer when I went to my uncle's farm.
(7) I was late for class so I ran to school.
(8) I ate two hamburgers so I am full.
(9) I read a good book before I went to bed.
(10) She saw a lion when she went to the zoo.
(11) A letter came in the mail today.
(12) They went hiking yesterday.
(13) I gave my brother a game for his birthday.
(14) She got a good report card so her mom was happy.
(15) I met my friends when we went to the park.
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