Friday, 7 September 2012

Week 8 Reflection

WHAT: On Monday we had a Haka Powhiri to welcome Andrew Little to our school. On Tuesday we had a nutritionist come to our class and talk to us about healthy food and what isn't healthy. On Wednesday we were meant to do cross country but it was cancelled. On Thursday we had Ms O'Connor in our class we did an experiment its where you tip milk into a bowl and then get food colouring and dish washing liquid. On Friday we went to the supermarket for label reading we got a piece of paper with these columns on the paper. Our habits of mind is Gathering data through all senses. 

SO WHAT: This week I learnt how to label read so when I go to the supermarket I will now what food is the healthiest. 

NOW WHAT: My goal this week is to get my work done on time.


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