Friday, 21 September 2012

Week 10 Reflection

WHAT: On Monday the year sixes went to Wanganui Intermediate for the morning. When we got there we got split into 5 groups then got put into 4 groups. After we went to the rotations my group went to hard materials we made spinning tops. Then we went and had play lunch. After play we went to our last rotation we went to science. We learnt that when you put you hand threw the flame it doesn't  heart our burn. On Tuesday we went to Parlmerston we went to this play at the Regent. We watched Magnolia Street. Next we went and had lunch at the Esplanade then we went to the Lido. On Wednesday we did our normal rotations. On Thursday we had another normal day like reading and things. On Friday we went on Spellodrome it is a new web site were you can live play games.  Our habits of mind is gathering data trough all senses. 

SO WHAT: I learnt that when you put your hand through fire it doesn't hurt.   

NOW WHAT: My goal this week is to keep getting my work handed in and marked.  

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