Tuesday, 24 July 2012


We have been learning to use commas in our sentences I have written a story and highlighted the sentences with the commas in them. 
In the holidays Nanny, Grandad, Letesha, Annalise and I went to Rainbow Springs in Rotorua. When we first got there we had a look inside then we saw how much it was. It was expensive, then Nanny said we will have lunch first. We said "no". So we went to the counter and Grandad paid for it. Firstly we got a photo taken, then we went and had a look around. We saw Birds, Fish, Kiwis, EllsTuataras and talking birds. When we went and had a look around the other side there were heaps more animals. After we seen heaps of animals ride called The Big Splash it was amazing. Its were you go around in a Automatic boat and you see MiceDinosaursEagles and Rabbits then you go down a big step hill. 

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